How I can help

Rohini Bajekal.

Private Consultations

Perhaps you have a niggling health issue which has been on your mind for a while or felt stressed about preparing your meals for the week? In one-to-one private consultations in London, I work to support your personalised health goals, focusing on broader lifestyle changes like sleep, diet and exercise.

I am available for consultations in London or via Skype, Facetime or phone. Please contact me directly for further information on packages and pricing.

Brand Consultancy, Workshops and Speaker Events

I am available for talks, workshops and retreats around the UK. Having spent years pitching to clients during my years as a public relations professional in London, I thoroughly enjoy public speaking and engaging with an audience.

I work with the team at Women for Women’s Health (WfWh), a voluntary service set up to empower women of all ages to make lifestyle choices that will help improve their own health as well as that of their families. Find out more here

I have spent over four years working with health food startups in Mumbai and Singapore and provide advice around branding to startups in this space. Please contact me for more information.